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Tokyo Thai Massage
Phon Thong Thai Massage

About Us
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Authentic Thai Massage
Phon Thong Thai Massage

Thank you for visiting Traditional Thai massage shop "Phon Thong Thai Massage" website. At "Phon Thong Thai Massage", the authentic Thai women of traditional Thai massage will carefully and carefully massage you. Our motto is to welcome customers with meticulous service and reliable technology in a homely atmosphere. It carefully stimulates the energy line & "Sen" that flows through the human body, and gently relieves stiffness and fatigue with moderate pressure that reaches deep inside. Not only does that promotes blood circulation and relieves body stiffness and fatigue by stimulating the affected areas, but also relieves various stresses such as mental fatigue, constipation, loss of appetite, insomnia, stiff shoulders, swelling, and fatigue from daily life. lead to improvement. Traditional Thai massage in Kinshicho "Phon Thong Thai Massage" is a traditional Thai massage shop in Kinshi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, a 3-minute walk from the north exit of JR "Kinshicho station". If you work, live in, or shop in Sumida city, please feel free to stop by. The smiles and kindness of Thai women, as well as the daily fatigue, will help you escape from stress and feel refreshed. Forget the time and enjoy a relaxing time. We are open as a shop where both men and women can feel free to visit us.

Tokyo Thai Massage - Phon Thong Staff
Tokyo Thai Massage - Phon Thong Flower

Courses & Price

Kinshicho Thai Massage - Phon Thong Thai Massage

Thai Massage


One of the traditional medicines that has been passed down from ancient times in Thailand, it is a massage with a slow rhythm and a highly relaxing effect. By stimulating the energy line called "Sen" that flows through the body with fingers, elbows, knees, and soles, you can activate the body and enhance the natural healing power.

60min 5,000yen

90min 7,500yen

120min 10,000yen

​Ext 30min 2,500yen


→ 7,000yen

→ 9,500yen

Kinshicho Thai Massage - Phon Thong Oil Massage

Aroma Oil Massage


Oxygen is supplied to skin cells, skin respiration is promoted, and normal metabolism is promoted by oil ingredients and lymphatic drainage massage techniques. It is recommended for those who are concerned about keratin and dry skin, as it moisturizes the skin and makes it soft and lively.

60min   7,000yen

90min 10,000yen

120min 14,000yen

​Ext 30min   3,000yen

→ 6,000yen

→ 9,000yen

→ 12,000yen

Kinshicho Thai Massage - Phon Thong Flower

Our Staff











History of Thai Massage

Over the course of many centuries, people living in the villages and temples of Thailand developed a unique type of interactive body-work called Nuad Phaen Boran (Traditional style massage) or Nuat Thai (Thai Massage). 


It is based on the principles if compassion and healing, and it is an amazing synthesis of many different techniques, among them acupressure, stretching, reflexology, herbal medicine, prayer, and meditation. 


Traditional Thai Massage tones the muscles, increases the joints range of motion and balances the flow of energy throughout the body. 


The lineage is traced to Jivaka Komalaboat, also known as Shivago, the personal physician to the Sangha, a friend and physician to the Buddha and renowned as a healer in Buddhist tradition.


Based on a combination of influences from India, China and indigenous Thai traditions, Traditional Thai Medical arts have been handed down through generations, mostly through oral tradition and is practiced across Thailand in various forms today. 

Thai Massage


Phon Thong Thai Massage

ポーントーン タイマッサージ 


東京都墨田区錦糸2-13-1 堀越第一ビル202

2-13-1 Kinshi, Horikoshi 1 Bldg. 202

Sumida City, Tokyo

​JR Line "Kinshicho" Station North Exit 3-min walk

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Open Daily

Hours: 12:00pm~2:00am

Tel: 03-4400-5352
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